We offer a full range of mechanical services which customers can utilize in an a la carte fashion or through a comprehensive service agreement. Read on for more details.

Comprehensive Service Agreement

Significant cost savings emerge when RESSAC and a customer can agree to an exclusive relationship for a multi-year period of service. Service Agreements include an initial commissioning of equipment, regular maintenance visits, annual asset assessments, and discounted rates for emergency repair. Additionally when remote monitoring of equipment is included, RESSAC will extend a full labor and parts warranty for up to 10 years on all new equipment installations at no extra charge.


An assessment is a visual inspection and digital documentation of all HVACR assets at a given site. Assessments include pictures, equipment lists, description of assets, and estimates of usable life. Assessments enable facility managers to make informed decisions about the repair and replacement schedules of their equipment. RESSAC performs an annual assessment for all customers with signed service agreements but it can also provide these services on an as need basis for non-contract customers.


Commissioning of HVACR equipment involves the comprehensive testing, measuring, and analyzing of system components to ensure that all equipment is operating to design specifications of the equipment and the space it serves. A commissioning report will provide detailed recommendations for repairs needed to return equipment to baseline operation. Commissioning of equipment pays for itself by helping realize the energy savings the manufacturer, designer, and installing contractor had intended.


Whether replacing an existing unit or installing a unit where one did not exist RESSAC will first design an engineered solution to meet the specific needs of your building and the occupants and/or products within it. Once properly designed and specified RESSAC will install equipment according to industry standards and city code. The final step of an installation involves a lead technician testing and balancing the system to ensure that it meets the design goals set at the outset of the project.


After HVACR equipment has been installed it must be maintained on a periodic basis according to industry standards in order to operate reliably. Additionally, quality maintenance will ensure maximum equipment life, optimal levels of temperature/humidity control, safe levels of air quality, and reduction of energy consumption during normal operation. Commitment to a quality maintenance program protects and extends your return on capital investments and reduces your operating costs by up to 30%.


To best accomplish the goals set by a quality installation and maintenance program RESSAC recommends that all equipment be remotely monitored. A monitoring system will ensure that equipment is operating within design parameters, running at peak efficiency, and eliminate nuisance calls related to thermostat settings. It also helps facility managers predict when maintenance is due. By minimizing operating cost of HVACR equipment, monitoring will more than pay for itself over the life of the equipment.


Occasionally even the best maintained equipment has failures. In such event RESSAC is ready with a full staff of qualified technicians to react to your emergency repair needs. As with all our other services, RESSAC technicians will not just return equipment to operation but they will also ensure that equipment is returned to baseline operation for its given age and condition. This reduces energy use and maximizes performance. All this is done quickly and efficiently to ensure minimal downtime.

Other Services

Utilizing a network of reliable partner companies RESSAC can provide additional mechanical services including duct cleaning, fire damper & smoke alarm testing, air destruction test & balance, specialized air filtration, chiller, boiler, & water tower management, building automation, smart data analytics, asset tagging, and more.