At RESSAC most of our daily work involves the maintenance and repair of existing HVACR equipment. Probably only 20% of our work involves new installations. That’s partly because when you do proper maintenance on equipment it can last a good 20-30 years but it’s also because corporate budgets loathe the cost of unit change outs. Well for all those corporate finance execs out there, if you didn’t already know, ‘Tis the season for unit changeouts! Why? Well because work is slow for us of course! It sounds a bit self-serving but in reality there are real cost savings for customers when they schedule all their unit changeouts for the winter months. Air conditioning contractors are all looking for work and so typically deep discounts are seen on the labor portion of quoted work. Here at RESSAC we typically discount our labor by 10-20% on installations during the winter months.
But inevitably we will get one of those desperate calls next summer; a unit is down, and they need it changed ASAP. Some emergencies can’t be avoided but if you know a unit is reaching the end of it’s life why wait? Acting now could save you significant money…and headaches.