Where does the time go! It’s been a few months since I’ve posted because we’ve been busy here working away on our Spring projects. It’s been a good mixture of big and small endeavors:

  1. We’ve implemented a new system for tracking HVAC equipment info in our database. This should greatly improve the level of information we can provide our customers. This is the first step towards an integrated web based information system which we hope to implement by the end of the year
  2. We have a new phone system coming in a month. This will greatly improve the productivity of our office staff and keep us all a little more organized.
  3. We upgraded our computers. How much faster they run! Excel is sizzling now and our customer database flies through the job history.
  4. We’ve created a new system for managing our communications with all the malls in the state. Over the past 10 years the malls have become a major stakeholder in the job process. Insurance has to be on file and properly worded, special fees & licenses have to be paid, and mall staff often require 24-48 hours notice before we arrive. All the requirements demanded a better system so that we could maintain our responsiveness to the customer.

To some it may seem like minutia but to us continuous improvement of office and service procedures like these is how we maintain our edge in a competitive marketplace. More projects to come this fall but for now we have to turn our focus to the busy summer months. It’s still pleasant weather along the California coast but it will be 98 degrees by the weekend in Palm Springs. I can hear those air conditioners humming…..