October is finally here, with its pumpkins and Halloween spooks. And so is the terrifying avalanche of found-on-maintenance approvals!  And with a fresh round of PMs for October, our Service Department is operating on all cylinders. Our customers know the importance of a proactive approach to their HVAC programs. And addressing those FOPM problems now helps reduce the chance of an emergency later.

It isn’t just repairs on the board this month. Our Fall through Winter project lineup is well underway this week. We’ve got our Installation and Controls crews on the move throughout the state. Down here in SoCal, we’ve ready for the third phase of a roof-sweep in Newport Beach. From our initial surveys in the summer, we knew this site was in need of a major overhaul. But thanks to a coordinated effort between our customer’s roofers and RESSAC, they’ll be in great shape before the end of the year.

                            Phase One

Initial Roof Sweep HVAC Survey in Newport Beach CA.

Phase Two

Phase 2_Roof Sweep HVAC Survey in Newport Beach CA
Phase 2_Roof Sweep HVAC Survey in Newport Beach CA_1
Phase 2_Roof Sweep HVAC Survey in Newport Beach CA_2

We’ll have final shots of this project on the next news update. And don’t forget to join us the last week of October for a new HVACR blog. This month’s topic will be all about the types of technicians in our industry, and exploring the specialized skill sets.