There’s a tiny hint of fall in the air as we head into September. It’s just a few cooler days, but we’ll take advantage of them. Our branches are ready to ramp up the Fall maintenance efforts for our large scale clients. Our biggest contracted sites on the PM schedule this month will require multiple technicians over several days to complete all the heating season tasks. It’s all hands on-deck for the next few weeks.

But we aren’t worried about the workload this Fall! We’re delighted to announce several new technicians for both our Northern and Southern California branches. Welcome to David, installations, and Joseph, senior service, who will be bolstering our coverage for San Diego and its surrounding counties. Welcome Jovanny, assisting our Southern California service department. And welcome Ruben, our newest service technician for the central California region.  We’re excited to have you all on board with us as we move into fall and beyond!.

For you technicians out there, don’t forget to keep an eye out for any upcoming training and seminars as the off-season nears. The IHACI (Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning Industries) Trade Show is coming up in November, and they also offer courses to help all technicians remain code compliant. And for our customers, check back in with us later this month for a detailed breakdown of the Fall maintenance, and what RESSAC provides on a Standard 180 approved service.

A view from the RESSAC Climate Control office in Glendale, CA.