One of the strengths of our company which I often like to tout is the depth of experience both in management and in our service technicians. Both our owners began working in the industry right out of high school. Bob Rohan, President, is now in his late 70s and still coming to the office every day. With 60 years of experience not much gets by him! And then there are our service technicians; many have been with us for over 20 years, some even longer.

All this was highlighted recently by a morning huddle of the service technicians in our corporate office in Glendale, CA. One of our technicians was discussing a service call he had responded to for a house in Pasadena, CA. “The furnace looks really old but it’s still in great condition.” he said. He mentioned the customer’s name and our technician Steve perked up. “Hey I installed that heater. Let’s see I believe it was around 1967!” “Sounds about right”, responded the other technician. Then they proceeded to exchange technical notes on the system which was going to be changed out the next day.

Thirty-five plus years of experience with the same client and the same technician; now that’s experience you can rely on.