We’re back with a quick update from your RESSAC Team. It’s February already, and although Valentine’s Day is a normal workday for us, our Glendale office is enjoying a little festive decoration for the holiday. It’ll be another day to wear red, as we’ve already had our National Wear Red Day luncheon earlier this month.

RESSAC office staff on Wear Red Day


While our technicians continue to field those no-heat calls, our Service Branches are already preparing for spring maintenances. Our managers are wrapping up the annual truck-stock review for all technicians. Each vehicle carries a carefully monitored list of tools and frequently used parts, with an aim to keep return visit costs as low as possible for our customers. And our technicians are putting our fleet of new vehicles, fully stocked and equipped for all service employees, to good use. We expect a busy spring and summer season this year, and our team is ready for it.

Evaluating Truck StockFinalizing Truck Inspection


Check back with us later this month when we’ll be posting our next HVACR Learning article. February’s focus will be on the importance of quality ventilation and its impact on employee health.