It’s been one amazing milestone year for us at RESSAC. Our 90th Anniversary has been full of change, and growth, as our company looks forward to this new decade. And as 2019 draws to a close, we wanted to look back on what’s made this year so great.

With many new faces added to our ranks, our company has continued to grow this year. We’ve welcomed new staff for both our office teams and to our technician rosters. With the increase in staffing, we’ve improved both our capacity and emergency response time.

And, of course, we wouldn’t be celebrating this anniversary without you, our customers. With our increasing skill pool of both fresh and old technicians, we’ve branched out our services to a variety of customers. Our technicians have stepped up to the challenge of working with new and varied refrigeration equipment, expanding the array of services we can now offer.

We’ve diligently updated many locations this year to the newest version of our preventative maintenance agreement. And we appreciate each and every one of you that have worked with us during this process. Every unit on a good PM plan helps protect your investment, and keep your employees comfortable. We’ve changed thousands of filters this year, our technicians can attest to that!

We’re proud to share the considerable growth our Installation Team has experienced. Our crew has been fielding hundreds of major projects throughout the state this year. And we’re looking forward to expanding our Installation coverage even more in 2020 for Northern California.

For some customers, we went big this year! From helicopter lifts to full roof sweeps, we’ve taken it all on. And it’s certainly been a new experience for our new Marketing Team as they’ve joined our technicians on these projects.

From all of us here at RESSAC Climate Control, again we thank you. Thank you, to our customers, our coworkers, our vendors and partners, for making our 90th Anniversary a year to remember.