Given this modern age of computers and fancy software we’re always surprised to find how many of our customers still do not keep accurate records of their HVACR assets. Many times when we are called in to bid preventative maintenance for a new account we are given only square footage of the store to work with. At best we are given unit model & serial numbers. Almost never are we given a full catalog of filters and belts needed for service. The less information we have the more conservative we have to be in our bidding (ie higher prices). Information is power! A well organized facility manager saves lots of money having a full asset list and catalog of parts necessary for maintenance.

With asset records, money is saved not just in preventative maintenance contracts. We feel accurate asset records are essential for auditing your vendors. With an asset list you can start answering questions like when was the last time this equipment was serviced? Are any parts in warranty? What are your problem units which you should be scheduled for winter replacement? Don’t rely on your vendor to answer these questions because it sad but true that many will not always have your best interests in mind (to put it politely)

Yes we realize it’s a bear to organize all that information but if you have a maintenance contract signed with a contractor you should have asset tagging and cataloging as part of that contract. At RESSAC we always do a full asset survey when visiting new customers for the first time. Of course, surveys take time (1 to 4 hours for retail spaces depending upon size). If you already have the information then we don’t have to charge you. If you are paying contractors to survey all equipment every time you switch vendors across your whole portfolio of stores the costs can really add up!

You don’t need fancy software to track your assets, an excel table will do. If you don’t already have a comprehensive asset list let us help you set it up! We can perform surveys and send you a comprehensive file of equipment info and pictures. Do you have a lot of stores both in California and nationwide? We have partners we can subcontract such work to. The price is really pretty affordable and then you have the peace of mind knowing exactly what air conditioning assets your have.