Quality Work Saves Time & Money

We employ technicians, not parts changers, and we train them to take pride in their work and their knowledge of mechanical systems. Our technicians are NATE certified and work to quality standards set by industry leaders.

In the minds of customers quality is often synomous to high cost but it doesn’t have to be. What is the cost of not getting something done right the first time? And what is the cost of running equipment at less than optimal efficiency? Our industry is realizing the importance of quality workmanship and industry partners are supporting it through training, certification, and utility rebate programs.

Quality Maintenance and Installation Saves Money

Studies have shown that the efficiency of equipment can be reduced up to 30% if it is not properly installed and maintained. Such efficiency losses defeat the purpose of installing high efficiency equipment and reduce the ROIs expected by customers. A broad coalition of industry stakeholders have realized the importance of quality installation and maintenance and have developed ANSI/ACCA standards to help guide contractors towards best practices. RESSAC trains all their employees to these standards.

Certified Technicians Ensure Quality Work

Customers value the assurance that trained and qualified technicians are working on their equipment. As part of our commitment to quality RESSAC ensures that our technicians are NATE Certified and trained. We are also active participants in trade organizations such as ACCA, RSES, and IHACI which are leading the industry towards higher quality workmanship and an emphasis on energy efficiency. Better trained technicians means more efficient technicians and we pass that savings on to you.


Rebate Programs Support Quality Practices

The California Public Utlities Commission has been given a broad mandate to work with stakeholders to conserve energy and reduce the emissions which contribute to global warming. Part of that solution is to reduce the energy consumption related to heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration operation. As part of this initiative numerous utilities in the state are currently extending significant rebates to customers and contractors who practice quality installation and maintenance practices.